President’s Message

What does it take to make a successful year for a Writers Club?

First and foremost, it takes you, the members. It takes your enthusiasm, dedication, participation, and your loyalty.

It also takes a strong and capable board, and the efforts of volunteers.

This last year you have been served by both elected and appointed board members, and by the efforts of volunteers, as well.

Your Vice President, Dawn Armstrong, has worked tirelessly to seek out and “book” speakers for each meeting. Her efforts have brought us strong speakers with valuable information to share. We look forward to a second year in this office for Dawn.

Your Treasurer has been Carol Hall, a dedicated and detail-oriented woman who has helped keep our head above water despite a small bank account. Her efforts in creating and running the “Donation Drawing” have added nicely to our income, and her drive to create the Author’s Table process which allows our paid members to present and sell their books at our meetings serves each and every one of us.

While Carol is retiring from this position she has held for over two years, she is being replaced with yet another capable and detail-oriented young woman, published author Geraldine Solon. We look forward to see what Geraldine will be bringing to the table this year.

If the people who manage the Fremont Area Writers could be thought of as bricks, then Myrla Raymundo is the mortar which holds them altogether. As secretary, her tireless efforts, her imagination, her willingness to take on any task and perform it both faster and better than expected make her invaluable to us. We are delighted that she is willing to stay on for another year.

Our effectiveness comes from others as well as the elected officers.

Nancy Curteman, who serves as Hospitality Chair as well as Central Board representative somehow manages to smile, to share a kind word with everyone she meets, and to go out of her way to help keep FAW on track.

Art Carey, our Public Relations chair, uses his wit and intelligence to seek out and use new venues to let the Tri-City area know what’s going on with us, and works invaluably as a proof-reader for our website. His quick eye catches even the slightest error, and we depend upon him for all that he does.

Ken Weiss, who seldom seems to get the recognition he deserves manages to lug many pounds of books to and from each meeting for our Book Exchange, and single-handedly keeps this valuable service alive and well.

Jay Swartz seems to be everywhere, at once. He manages the weekly Mission Coffee Critique group, and is often called upon during meetings to present Writing Prompts, or to discuss the Hero’s Journey. Jay has been pivotal in the design and implementation of the Ink Spots, our club Newsletter, and now joins Myrla Raymundo in the process of revamping and expanding the newsletter.

Bob Garfinkle, the current President of our parent organization, The California Writers Club, serves on our board as “Past President”, and generously contributes to our processes and plans.

So, here’s the question. Did you see YOUR name on this list? No? Why not?

Isn’t it time to consider stepping up and contributing some of your extremely valuable time and talents to help us take this club to the next step? If you are finding a growing need to be and do more for your club, contact any one of us, we’ll be delighted to talk to you about it.

This will be a banner year. Our plans are big, are promises are bigger–but more on that next issue. For now, join us. Join the staff. Bring your unique skills, talents and insights to bear, it is more than an opportunity, it is your right, and dare I say it, your duty to step forward and help make this year for FAW the best ever!

Thank you!

Richard Scott
California Writers Club, Fremont Branch

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